Kingsley Idogen

Author at Tej Realty Group LLC

About Kingsley Idogen


• Madonna University, Nigeria.
• University of the West of Scotland, UK.


Accounting & Finance, Quality Control, Real Estate and Property, Mortgages, Self-Development.


• 7+ years of experience writing about accounting and finance.
• Published a book on self-development (self-help).
• Currently writes about Real Estate, home buying, and mortgages for Tej Realty Group LLC


Kingsley Idogen has built a career from an accounting lecturer to a content creator in his area of passion. His experience has ignited a passion for writing and teaching self-help strategies to young people.

Kingsley has been an advocate for living a good life and has led at various fora showing this to his audience. For the last 5 years, Kingsley’s main career has been in academics. Secondary jobs include personal finance coaching, real estate, and property investment, and book publishing.


Kingsley received his bachelor’s from Madonna University, Nigeria, and masters from the University of the West of Scotland, majoring in Accounting and Quality Management respectively.

Quote from Kingsley Idogen

Getting it right the first time makes the first impression matter!

Language: English

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